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Any Help please

[Post New]by friend6040 on Jul 24, 09 7:16 PM

Im looking for any suggestions or help with this game . How do you serve the couples of 2's without disappointing 1 by making 1 happy.

please any help .


Re:Any Help please

[Post New]by NHL801 on Jul 25, 09 9:05 AM
sometimes you have to sacrifice but sometimes you can still make 1 happy but the other 1 ok which is better then no tip at all. just pay attention to there faces and try to avoid the disgusting look.

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How does it end?

[Post New]by Elizabeth919 on Jul 27, 09 1:18 PM
Please help! I just don't understand...I finished the game, but there doesn't seem to be an end. I know this especially since my name isn't in the High Scores list. Do I have to get ALL gold to finish?

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Re:Any Help please

[Post New]by Jaboulka on Jul 27, 09 3:03 PM
Elizabeth, I believe this is a bug.

I have finished the game with all gold and all the trophies.

I have above 397.000 in cash (this could help to check), but my profile is still not in the highscores.

I still consider the game for me is over, as I achieved all the goals.


Re:Any Help please

[Post New]by gentlewinds on Jul 29, 09 1:33 PM
I also am having the same problem. There is no ending. I think it is a bug


Re:Any Help please

[Post New]by capecu on Aug 7, 09 2:49 PM
so mabe just getting to japan is the end of the story

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