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Jokers & Updates.

[Post New]by Zork1 on Jul 25, 15 7:30 AM
I want to know why I can buy 2 jokers, but if I have one and a second one displays in a level, it just flies away. I get the wild cards that are in different levels, but can only get the joker when I don't have one.

I like the game, never had it freeze up, but once in awhile it just goes away while I am playing, as if I had closed it. Very disconcerting.

The Big Fish manual download tells me there are no updates for this game, but I don't have any new buttons to close the game, I can only close it through the card screen.

If there is a more current update (After May 11) why isn't it available at Big FIsh?


Re:Jokers & Updates.

[Post New]by phoenix_rising on Oct 27, 15 9:43 AM
the update does not help and I cant get 2 jokers either they fly away, only one seems to be allowed. the game does get boring after you bought everything and still half a game to go with nothing happening

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