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Update the included very old (and risky) Java Run Time Environment

[Post New]by TheRealFreak on Jul 25, 15 8:07 AM
Hi fellows,

I've noticed "DragonScales" installs also a very old (and risky / redundant) Java Run Time Environment in its game folder named "jre6".

The included version 6 of the java run time environment is very outdated (and risky for security reasons). Already version 7 is outdated too (and available therefore only by the java archive yet) since 2nd quarter of 2015.
It's strongly recommended to avoid / uninstall such older java versions for security reasons.

You may fix this easily.
I've tried this already some time ago with version 7 and version 8 (32bit, x86) of the java run time environment on our old xp gaming machine (and version 7 is the latest with official xp support) and the game runs still fine (my wife completed the game almost completely with version 7 yet).

Version 8 (32bit, x86) of the java run time environment works also fine, especially for newer versions of windows and is available free and easily.

That's how to do it:
- enter the game's folder with your explorer
- pack the original "jre6" folder to e.g.
- remove/delete the original "jre6" folder
- create a junction named "jre6" here to your
...current installation of jre (or install the latest first)
...but make sure you disable it for web browser use
...for maximum security (when possible)

Junctions are true links of the windows ntfs file system that are fully transparent for the applications (and different to the link .lnk files used in start menu etc.). This allows you to redirect the game from "gamefolder\jre6" to your real and current java run time environment installation, e.g. "C:\Programs\Java\jre7" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre8"

Create Junctions easily:
You easily create junctions by using the free Link Shell Extension (just search for the bold words) whichs is easy to use after a simple installation:
- select your current jre folder by right click
...and select "select link source"
- in the game folder, right click in the empty space
...and select "insert as junction"
- rename the created junction in the game folder
...(looks like a folder) to "jre6" in this case

What's the benefit?
- only one 32bit (x86) java run time environment on your pc
- a most recent version for security reasons

When you get stuck, I'm ready to help!
Just allow a delay of about a month.

Good luck

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Re:Update the included very old (and risky) Java Run Time Environment

[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on Jul 26, 15 6:25 AM
Hi there,

I wanted to pop in here and thank TheRealFreak for taking the time to post in this Forum. I do want to remind players that it isn't recommended to make any adjustments to the game folders themselves as this may end up corrupting the game files. If you would like to troubleshoot any issues that you are experiencing with this game as well as others, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Technical Support Team. They have the tools to help troubleshoot games offered on the Big Fish Games site.

I'd also like to remind users of the Forum Rules specifically,

HTML, links, and images are not allowed in the forums.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM any of the moderators.


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Re:Update the included very old (and risky) Java Run Time Environment

[Post New]by TheRealFreak on Aug 3, 15 1:41 AM
Hi bfgBellerophon,

nice to meet you but bad luck I made another mistake by posting name.organization.location which is part of a link, which is completed by usual browsers today.

I'm still improving, so thank you for keeping me on my toes!

Please accept I'm asking for forgiveness here.
It's really difficult when you're a non-native speaker and full of enthusiasm when you've just worked out a great idea that makes something better or safer without modifying any publisher's property of the installed game files (jre is not a property of the game's publisher). Maybe this is a "disease" of a techy like me.

Of course only experienced users should follow such ideas / information of mine or should at least ask a experienced friend of them first. You're totally right by suggesting the Technical Support Team here to avoid a broken game which may need to be removed and reinstalled in occasion of bad luck. Although any information of mine is definitely verified. And I always suggest making backups!

For any future public postings here I'll send you a request by pm for approval or edit before to make sure we stay like friends. Hopefully we'll make it smoother this way.

Thanks for your help and courtesy so far

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