Rune stones in treehouse puzzle disappear!

[Post New]by AmandaBW on Jul 26, 15 6:55 PM
So I'm trying to solve the round puzzle with the rune stones and the paintbrush by the sorceress's tree. I got the round piece and put it in the bottom hole, found all 3 rune pieces around it and plugged them in, messed with a can of paint, didn't really understand what I was doing, so then left and came back later. Now all the rune stones have disappeared completely. They are not in the holes where I put them, they are not on the screen anywhere, they didn't fall down, they are not in my inventory. There is no "reset" button. I'm stumped for what to do here. Is it a glitch? I'm dead in my tracks- I didn't figure that leaving it and coming back would be such a crisis. Where did the stones go?

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