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Tips and Tricks for Amazing Heists: Dillinger

[Post New]by bfgBering on Jul 27, 09 10:29 AM
Keep a look out – Find all the Dillinger coins, wanted posters, and stacks of coins or cash for extra points!

Hints – You get 3 hints in every location, which is usually pretty generous. Don’t be afraid to use them, but try to keep one in reserve just in case that last object is hard to find!

Remove the weak link – Before each job, you get to choose your gang member for that job. Each has their own bonus to add, so pick the one that helps most with your weak spot, be it safecracking or crowd control!

These are just a few ideas to help you out as you play Amazing Heists: Dillinger. Feel free to add your own!

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HELP with mini game- bank patrons escape

[Post New]by cherbando on Aug 3, 09 12:16 PM
I am now playing this mini game for the third time ( I think) I have only one partner this time to help to keep the bank patrons from escaping. The problem I am having is he disappears after a bit and then I have 2 exits and one bad guy to hold them off. I would like to just skip this one. Is there any tricks to either win the game or skip it?
It is a silly, simple game but I am getting very frustrated.


Re:Tips and Tricks for Amazing Heists: Dillinger

[Post New]by Boocatcollins on Aug 14, 10 11:59 AM
I am in the same boat, Cherbando! I am stuck on one of the bank patrons games and can't go anywhere. It is simply too fast for me and I would like to skip it completely and move on. Hope someone responds soon. Thanks in advance for any help we can get!

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