Happy and glad goals

[Post New]by danjoenic on Jul 27, 09 11:40 AM
I think I must be missing something but how do I make my customers happy or glad while serving them? Not sure what creates this "feeling". I'm at Level 2-6 and have accomplished Gold all the way here and I know I've met goals asking for this, but I don't know how I got them to feel happy or glad.


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Re:Happy and glad goals

[Post New]by Jaboulka on Jul 27, 09 12:57 PM
Well there are several ways to make them happy:

1. serve them the food they like
2. Upgrade the restaurant as much as you can, it adds a lot to their happiness

Buying journals, or drinks, or ice cream or karaoke also helps.

The upgrade especially helps the customers with several stars.

As you can see some customers have more stars, well they need a restaurant with more stars to be fully happy.

Hope I helped.


Re:Happy and glad goals

[Post New]by danjoenic on Jul 28, 09 10:19 AM
Okay, I've done all this. I think I will start again and see what happens. Maybe I missed something along the way. Thanks!

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Re:Happy and glad goals

[Post New]by Gieyo on Oct 22, 09 3:57 AM
I did all the above too, but in some levels I dont manage to get the sufficient happy face combos.
Sometimes couples count as 1 in the counter, other times they are above 5 hearts (and all wishes fulfilled and no more upgrades to purchase) and still I don´t manage.
Did someone actually managed to achieve gold in ALL the levels?

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