help finding tongs

[Post New]by youpickone on Jul 27, 09 6:11 PM
I really need someone to tell me where the tongs are to pick up the flaming rose. I have searched and searched both rooms and just can not find them. I can not open the desk drawer, need nicroscope parts, but I really need the tongs.
please, someone help me--been at this for 2 days

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Re:help finding tongs

[Post New]by LoriW on Jul 28, 09 6:10 PM
You need to put the dreamcatcher on the nightmare picture above where the drawers are. Then click on the book that replaces the picture. The tongs will be in the book.


Re:help finding tongs

[Post New]by youpickone on Jul 29, 09 5:50 PM
LoriW, thank you, thank you for helping me find the tongs. Much appreciated.

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