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Review, July 29, 2015

[Post New]by yowzasma on Jul 29, 15 12:31 AM
I just could not really get into this game
It was not a bad game and had a story line of sorts but the hint recharge took forever...Rarely when I start a 'meh' game I try to hurry through by using the 'hint' button but it took way too long to recharge.
The graphics ,sound etc. were OK but this one was not my cup of tea
Just one thing, in the hog scenes sometimes i'd click an object and it would disappear then reappear , huh?
Only out of 5 from me on this one. Do not let my opinion color your decision on this game please because what one person likes , another one doesn't.

played on desktop PC running Win 7 - 64bit with no problems.

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