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background music

[Post New]by mdbod on Jul 28, 09 10:47 AM
can any one tell me the name of the music that plays in the background? Thanks


Re:background music

[Post New]by BeccaRose on Jul 29, 09 11:59 PM
Which section or character are you speaking about? The music is different for almost every character. It is all written by the 19th century composer Tchaikovsky, but taken from different compositions. If you have specific characters or a specific point in the game where the music plays that you like, then we could tell you the names of those pieces.

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Re:background music

[Post New]by CoyoteWaits on Apr 30, 13 6:15 PM
Okay, what is the music for the "Gabriel" chapter?

A merry little minuet, but I am going nutz trying to
figure it out. Tchaikovsky lived from 1840 to 1893.
The minuet was already an "obsolete" dance form by
then. Thanks!
BTW, the background music was one of the reasons
I decided to purchase this game! Love it!

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