Fire to Boil Werewolf Potion

[Post New]by Firemane on Jul 28, 09 7:54 PM
I mixed the the orange color...and lit the burner. The burner won't stay lit. I think I'm suppose to stoke the fire to get the potion to boil and I can't figure out how. I've clicked everything to try to turn up the gas. Please help!

Am I on the right track.....or totally off base?

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Re:Fire to Boil Werewolf Potion

[Post New]by bubblez631 on Jul 28, 09 8:05 PM
Hi Firemane, here's what I found (and this is assuming you already found the rolled up newspaper in the sparkly scene)

# To boil the cure, you must do the following in order:
# Put the fresh wood in the fireplace.
# Put the old paper from inventory on the fresh wood.
# Use the matches to light the fire.
# Put the purple cure into the metal pot that is already hanging in the fireplace.

Hope it helps, but if not let me know and we'll try to find something else ok?

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Re:Fire to Boil Werewolf Potion

[Post New]by Mamalita on Sep 5, 10 12:22 PM
This also works if you have already put the potion in the pot before lighting the fire. I finally found the wood near the back of the cave in about the middle.

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