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Not So Easy

[Post New]by gameslvr on Jul 28, 09 8:11 PM
When I played the free preview, I too thought it was an easy game. The first one was kind of easy but as you go along, the topics get harder. On the Word Combos----its not that I didn't know what the word was, but the eye-hand coordination to get them together on time was a challenge! Some of the other topics ---- Flags of the Countries, Animal Babies, Inventions/Inventors, Biology----- some not so easy.

So if you played the demo and thought it was too easy and a kids game-- you might want to give it another try. You might be surprised!

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Re:Not So Easy

[Post New]by dvdiva on Aug 16, 09 8:09 PM
True! I released the first 4 spirits very quickly, but got stumped in the later levels, especially in Biology and Zoology! Luckily, you can earn time candles and hints by playing the bonus games (use the coins to earn fortune cookies and bonus games). Completing a hidden-object scene earns you hints, and playing an identify-the-object game earns you time candles.

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