level 4.10

[Post New]by lightdreamin on Jul 30, 15 9:07 PM
easiest way that i beat 4.10 is to ignore the last pot hole on the bottom left, the wolf and not build the path farthest to the left in the bottom corner. build the hunting lodge first, then farm, upgrade the cottage, do the bottom bridge (clear a path thru the middle of the flowers so you can access the 2 gold piles., upgrade farm, bridge to the right, upgrade cottage to have 3 workers, build the wooden path up to the gold pile after clearing the first wolf in the bottom left corner but ignore the pothole, wolf and far left path), then the bottom 2 bridges. try to keep 1 worker clearing paths while the other 2 start collecting flowers. start with the flowers furthest from the cottage.


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[Post New]by margaretmae1 on Aug 12, 15 9:31 PM
hey there, I am so sorry to bother, but do you know why many of these threads are locked?
Just a question.
Thanks, Margaretmae

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[Post New]by BlueStarFish on Oct 20, 15 11:20 AM
Inactive threads - i.e threads that have had no new posts in a certain time - will lock automatically.
This is probably part of what happens during forum maintenance downtime.

this is a relatively new thing, implemented in a forum change about a year ago or thereabouts.

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