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Re:Midnight News-Call to Arms-Surviving Chaos

[Post New]by eastendteddy on Feb 21, 17 4:18 PM
I feel like I am frozen in space and time as I can see myself out side of my cottage at camp ready to lite my pipe and have a heart to heart with Blossom as to what where when and why (well I know why lol) she found the time to disapear and come back with a baby that I have now named Cherry , what a cutie she is peeking out from under Blossom's belly ,I think lill girl is hungry and looking for the tap to turn on the milk .
How can this be?
How can I be in two paces at once?
Why am I frozen in our camp with Imp waiting for me with the scroll in her hand I have her Mother's letter and instructions in mine?
Something very fishy going on here yet I can not seem to move or do anything about this.
I want to reach for my Amulet but remember it is on the table next to my pipe? and my bowie knife and my pistol
Oh this does not look good nor feel right.

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