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New version of World Mosaics 2 available now

[Post New]by bfgErie on Jul 29, 09 4:18 PM
We now have an updated version of World Mosaics 2 available now. In this new version, turning off custom cursors removes the hand and replaces it with the standard windows mouse cursor. Also, the developer has modified the hand cursor so that if you center the yellow tile in the hand cursor, you should be selecting the correct square. You can also to continue to use the upper left hand corner of the yellow tile as well.

To get the new version, simply uninstall the game from your computer and then reinstall the game from our website. For instructions on how to reinstall the game, click on the link below that will take you to a help article that gives you step by step information:

Uninstall / Reinstall a Game

If you have any trouble installing the new version of the game, please contact our Technical Support team. You can contact our support team by clicking here or by clicking on the "We're here to help" link at the right of this page.

Edited on 07/29/2009 at 4:18:26 PM PST

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Re:New version of World Mosaics 2 available now

[Post New]by _Les on Dec 1, 11 9:34 AM
Why doesn't "check for updates" find this update? Also, since this is an old post, how can I know if I already have the latest update.

Hmm. Maybe I already have the latest, and check for updates is ok.

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