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New Monument Builders Coming

[Post New]by barpol on Jul 31, 15 12:19 PM
Just played the 'sneak peak" of the newest one for the Golden Gate Bridge. You'll be happy to know that the gems can be used with this one for the automatic delivery and such. The beta only gave me the first 10 levels to play and I found I didn't need to use the gems to get 3 stars. It's the same game as the rest of them in the series. I thought the music fit the era and was not annoying. In fact, there seemed to be 3 or 4 songs that cycled through the levels. Not sure any of the others did that.

The cake shop bakes bread this time around. There are photographers to pay off, hard hats to buy, thieves to get rid of, the ducks quack instead of giggle like children, and on one round I had to find photographs lost by the photographers. A newspaper highlights the progress of the bridge between levels. It also has other little tidbits to report like gastronomy news.

All in all quite happy with this game compared to this last one. Hopefully it arrives soon.

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