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I've Definitely Seen This Before - But ....

[Post New]by Yaelle on Jul 31, 15 6:24 PM
I am not sure what game it is, but I have played a game (it took me the whole 1 hour demo to think of this) that was some sort of a stranded-on-an-island TM game that had a diner dash-esque mini game mixed in somewhere - and in this game, the graphics were the same, the set up & scoring & everything were JUST like this.

Another thing I just remembered while typing was that in that other game - not Roller Rush - the customers were wearing masks of some sort.

Does anyone know which game I mean?? I have a feeling this message will never be seen LOL because of the fact that other posts I saw on here were from 2008 and it is now mid-2015! But you never know. Maybe I'm not the only poor sap who spent forever looking through the inventory to find a non- HOG game.

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