Gear puzzle

[Post New]by honduras19 on Jul 30, 09 12:39 AM
Hello! Can somebody please tell me how to pass the gear puzzle? I've been trying to solve it but its almost impossible! Im really enjoying this game and I already want to move on!! I will really appreciate if someone who already passed it help me. Thanx a lot.

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Re:Gear puzzle

[Post New]by LoriW on Mar 24, 10 6:17 PM
The first part you need to solve is the 2 gears needed for the post at the bottom left (one that has the moving bit attached) and the post to the right of that one - not the post that's just above the post bottom left.

Can't really remember the order but I'm sure that the largest gear goes on the post to the right of the one with the moving bit and the smallest gear goes on the post at the top right.

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