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[Post New]by Memaslove on Jul 30, 09 2:11 PM
Played the game twice and beat it, third time around can not get the witch to do a thing
keeps saying for me to leave. I know I can't get to the ghost town before I do this, so what could I be doing wrong.

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[Post New]by bubblez631 on Jul 30, 09 2:50 PM
Hi Memaslove, this is what I found, if it doesn't work just let me know and we'll look for something else okay?

* Visit the wicked witch’s cottage, she will tell you to go away. Next time you need to come back to her cottage. There’s nothing more in this area, exit the fairy tale forest.

Bogwood - Dredel

* Now time to complete some errands. Go to Bogwood and talk to Dredel (if you have Gavin in your party), the witch selling secret gifts. Buy a gift, accept it and see what happens. If you reject then you may not be able to marry some characters. Talk to Dredel again if you also have Nicolas in your party. Accept the gift and then watch the conversation. This is lesson of humility two for Nicolas. Then talk to Hilda and she will give you a quest.

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