upgrades & tips

[Post New]by superdennis2000 on Aug 2, 15 8:28 AM
Some nice info about upgrades and whats best to do in a certain case.


Re:upgrades & tips

[Post New]by superdennis2000 on Aug 2, 15 8:33 AM
First upgrade your fence, it will protect your juice, wich will make it easier to get a golden medal, getting you +300 coins.
If your a grenade user, upgrade your grenades, if you have upgraded the grenades to level 10 they will have an insane radius.
If you upgrade your gun, it will do more damage, usefull for destroying vehicles.
Now the tips: if a large group of enemys get close to you, shoot a grenade, first kill the vehicles with the shotgun, always kill the deserters if you can, since they give your more juice.

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