Thoughts about the game

[Post New]by redmtngrl on Aug 2, 15 6:59 PM
I thought this was a great game. I enjoyed it very much. The only thing that would have made it better would have been an English proofreader. Maybe next time.

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Re:Thoughts about the game

[Post New]by tookat on Aug 3, 15 1:41 AM
I finally decided that the eccentric English added some more charm to the game....
but what I would like in this and other games, is for the written sections not to disappear until I click them....or the page.
I guess I am a slow reader......but, it happens to me all the time.....and is a pet peeve of mine.
I like how the written stuff adds to the story......and in this game, I couldn't always understand what the Imps were saying.

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