Level 3-2 and others like it

[Post New]by EPF4CATSBK on Jul 31, 09 5:55 AM
How do you get to serve 7 Cats when all you get is 6 to come in and the doubles only seem to count as 1? Any tips?

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Re:Level 3-2 and others like it

[Post New]by 052179 on Aug 7, 09 1:45 PM
I'm having the same problem! It's so frustrating! I though it might have to do with which platters are on special, but it doesn't.


Re:Level 3-2 and others like it

[Post New]by redskingrl41 on Aug 11, 09 12:44 PM
I found if you restart the level you will receive different guests. Some levels I had to replay several times. Hope this helps......My problem is I cant seem to make the happy bonus. They have full stars and I still dont get the bonus credit.

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Re:Level 3-2 and others like it

[Post New]by Gieyo on Oct 22, 09 3:02 AM
True, if you start the level several times you get different costumers, especially if you play the same level over a couple of times without moving to another level in between. I´m not sure whether it is just coincidence or what, but if I play the same level and go to another one in between, I get the same arrangement of costumers each time I return to the "trouble" level.

But I have been trying to finish this game for a while and, no matter how many times I´ve played the same level consecutively, I never get the number of costumers (cats, for example) or dishes (like "serve 7 salads and make your costumers glad"). I always get the same ammount of foxes, turtles, dogs, cats etc... so the final number is always below the required.

Anyone managed to get gold in these cases? Do I still have to play the same level non-stop more than I am now? Or is the number/type of costumers the same always?

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Re:Level 3-2 and others like it

[Post New]by DJKWAM2 on Feb 17, 10 11:37 AM
I would very much like to know the answer to that as well because I haven't succeeded yet either! Is it a glitch?


Re:Level 3-2 and others like it

[Post New]by fairhavenfish01 on Feb 19, 10 7:42 PM

Sorry I didn't see your posts until tonight....

I have found that you have to go forward to other levels in the same restaurant so that the restaurant is fully decorated.

At that time, you can play the levels over until you succeed...also, picking different foods to be prepared will change the folks that come into the restaurant.

I have also found that if people are waiting to use the dancing machine, you need to run it, or other people will not proceed with their meals.

The only level I have not gotten "expert" on yet is 3-7. I have not yet finished Japan.

Hope you continue to play and enjoy it....

Welcome to The Pond!


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Re:Level 3-2 and others like it

[Post New]by SilverBranch on Mar 25, 11 6:31 AM
Those are good tips, but none have worked for me. I've gone back after completing the entire restaurant and still haven't beaten level 3-2. I've been at it on and off for 2 days now.

I'm putting it down to an oversight in the game programming.

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