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2015 & Still Laggin....

[Post New]by Yaelle on Aug 3, 15 10:31 AM
I reinstalled Youda Survivor yesterday. Bought it ohh....5? years ago? And now I sort of recall seeing these problems had been reported way back then. I would normally never have remembered but there was a huge controversy involved with this game. Nothing to do with the technical stuff.

So does this mean it is just a bad game? Like a dud?? Because I have an entirely different computer than I had back then & this one isn't running it well, either. Plus all of the reports from all of the people here alone!

I know its not necessarily BFG's fault, especially in this case moreso than most others!! But its rotten.

Quality assurance standards for submitting games don't seem to exist AT ALL based upon this & a few others.

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