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Finding the spring

[Post New]by bren1joy1 on Aug 5, 15 1:13 AM
Hola BF Gamers:

When you are in the area with the big Robot, go down to the place where you fill the blue bottle.

To the left is a glassed box with the spring inside; use combusta on this box. It will break and you can pull out the spring.

You must do this BEFORE YOU LEAVE WITH THE FILLED BLUE BOTTLE because the game will not let you back into this area and you will start to tear out your hair (ask me how I know!).

I hope this works; sometimes solutions are not the same for every pc!


Re:Finding the spring

[Post New]by SuperOmmi on Aug 20, 15 1:52 PM
I've got this problem now! But I've already gone way past it and just figured out that I was supposed to get the spring. How can I get it, cause I sure can't go any further without the spring? Do I have to start the whole game over again?

Please tell me you know a fix.


Re:Finding the spring

[Post New]by ghostbuster6951 on Sep 2, 15 3:52 PM
I have not got the spring either so can anyone reply and let me know weather I have to start over with a new game or is there any way I can retrieve the dam thing .. frustrated beyond belief with this game and just hate wasting money on something I cant enjoy. If it cant be fixed how do I get my money back.??


Re:Finding the spring

[Post New]by crazycatjag on Sep 13, 15 9:35 AM
I have the same problem. What do I do to get the spring. HELP!!!!!! Plz.


Re:Finding the spring

[Post New]by BarbaraFish on Dec 18, 15 9:36 PM
There is no fix.

If you don't get the spring before you fill the little tank, you are screwed. I've restarted this game 4 or 5 times because that's not the only thing you have to do in the "walk-through" order.

I finally gave up and asked for my money back. This game is hopelessly flawed.

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