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Bonus game ending?

[Post New]by LynneHS56 on Aug 6, 15 1:09 AM
Spoiler (ish) I have just given the pearl necklace for a horse & the game ended, is that right please? The credits simply started running. When I tried to go back in it said all previous chapters will be lost. I started again but it happened the same.
Such a shame as I have had so many problems with this game & it finally looked like I was going to finish it.

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Re:Bonus game ending?

[Post New]by Bartsister on Aug 6, 15 7:39 AM
I think so. I wrote in my review that this was really horrible. I didn't like the main game's ending or the bonus game's lack of one.

Did you get the cut scene after you get the horse and just didn't post it?

SPOILER - Highlight blank space below to read -

You get on the horse and ride away. The next thing you know you are crossing a river and meet the main character (can't remember her name) from the main game and then the credits roll. So the boy has not been rescued and you have no clue where he is. She doesn't say anything. Your character doesn't say anything. It's just over.

I thought this was one of the worst endings and if this is where the main game's sequel begins, I think it is a little unfair to the SE players as well.

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Re:Bonus game ending?

[Post New]by omoomo on Aug 13, 15 11:50 AM
totally agree!!!! my game just quit too!


Re:Bonus game ending?

[Post New]by Ccaromino on Oct 15, 15 10:26 AM
Could anybody of the "officials" answer to these complaints, please???
You pay quite a lot for these collector editions, it's mean to leave players without an ending!

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