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Dream Haven

[Post New]by elaynemu on Aug 7, 15 5:03 PM
I am soooo stuck. Looked at the guide and I was supposed to speak to a boy after I opened the backpack. However, I did the HOP in the suburbs, Collected the hook off the jungle gym and went to the motel. At this point, I have marbles, sling (just the elastic part), the suction hook and a ball of twine. The only thing that it wants me to do is open the ice cream place, get the wrench from under the grate and take some bolts off the jungle gym. I tried putting the suction hook on the ball of twine because I figure that I need to "fish" the wrench out but it wouldn't work. That's when I turned to the guide and found out about the boy. I can't find him anywhere. Please don't tell me that I missed my opportunity to talk to him and I have to start over.

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Re:Dream Haven

[Post New]by kaitlinn on Aug 8, 15 4:04 PM
I don't think you have to start over...I had trouble finding him, and had to go back scene by scene to find a different exit..try putting your cursor around all of the edges of the game and you might find it. Sorry I can't be more explicit...

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