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Spice Street 3

[Post New]by schnauzmom on Aug 2, 09 3:56 PM
Anyone who can help me get gold I would be very thankful before this game drives me nuts. I am a Farm Frenzy Fan and play them all. Can not wait for BF to get 3 so I can buy it. Have played the demo on the company website and liked it.

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Re:Spice Street 3

[Post New]by amby0625 on Aug 24, 09 5:40 PM
Spice Street 3
Goal: 1 flour, 1 tray & $6,000 (gold is 2:50, silver is 4:00)

buy 4 pigs, upgrade warehouse twice & truck once, buy water from the well twice & plant grass near the bottom of the screen (you'll have $12 left)

collect 4 porks, then send to meat cutter
4 bears will drop after 30 seconds, cage them & send to warehouse, 4 bears will not fit into the warehouse, so sell the sliced meat together with the 2 bears to make room

when truck returns, upgrade truck ($800) then send the plane for 1 flour & 1 tray
sell another 4 sliced meat together with the 2 remaining bears in the warehouse

after 1 minute, 5 bears will drop, cage & sell them

meanwhile, make another 4 sliced meat; don't sell them, wait until the pig has produced another 4 porks, don't send them to the meat cutter this time; sell the pigs, 4 sliced meat & 4 porks & you should be able to meet the money goal

my best time here is 1:37

you can also buy 3 pigs, but it would take more time to finish the level

(i've also uploaded a video on youtube for those who are interested, just go to youtube & search for farm frenzy 2 spice street 3)

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