80 Popularity

[Post New]by JamieLynn96 on Aug 2, 09 11:17 PM
I can not reach 80 Popularity!! Please help!!!

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Re:80 Popularity

[Post New]by phoebe222 on Aug 3, 09 1:00 PM
I have posted some tips to the tips and trick thread. If that doesn't help you please tell me which level this is.


Re:80 Popularity

[Post New]by LadieStorm on Aug 4, 09 12:46 AM
it's level 18, and it's really hard, the spaces are not really conducive. I ended up moving one of the clothing stores, so that I could put in both a theater and an arcade, added another perfume store, plus upgrading everything I could... but I ran out of time... I didn't even get the chance to upgrade everything.... no where near close.

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Re:80 Popularity

[Post New]by phoebe222 on Aug 4, 09 7:31 AM
This is my finished store (not in any order, and I didn't have to demolish any existing shops).

3 clothing stores, all 3 stars
2 shoe stores, all 3 stars
2 jewelry, all 1 star
2 perfume store, one with 1 star
1 bookstore
1 computer store, 3 stars
1 toy store
1 movie theater, 3 stars
1 info center
an elevator

Since there is no money goal, buy as much worker as possible, and as early as possible. In this way while you work on upgrading the movies, you can work on other smaller shops.

edit: you may want to test putting a second book store instead of the toyshop. I think you may get an additional popularity score and that would save from one upgrading, but I'm not sure.

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Re:80 Popularity

[Post New]by hortisa26 on Aug 22, 09 11:27 PM
phoebe222, you ROCK!!!! I fought and fought and fought (hahaha, bit dramatic, but true) on this level and I would restart the level everytime I got close to completion (at 40+ DAYS) because you know that you only get the expert points if you don't get the expert score the first time. Anyways, after realizing that I was starting to hate this game that I had previously LOVED, I remembered there are forums for problems/questions like this (I just joined 6 days ago, so its not like I sat here for two months...hahaha). Anyways, you're advice was brilliant!!!!! I thought I had to use the arcade, etc...if it was offered. Your advice allowed me to beat this nemesis level (haha) the second time I retried it after reading your listed post! Excellent help!!! Thank you so much!! I am now loving this game again and am enjoying it more now that I understand better the purpose of the populartity points and how to get them. I'm writing this to thank you for your help, but also to let others know to TAKE YOUR ADVICE, because IT WORKS!!!!

BTW: I substituted a 2nd bookstore for the toy shop and it worked great and cost less....just letting you know because you suggested that option as possibly working and it did!



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