Level 13, help please?!?

[Post New]by LadieStorm on Aug 3, 09 8:31 PM
Okay, I've played this level about 6 times now. I can get the income limit okay.... but I can't seem to get popularity to 60 before the time limit. It's the first level with the info center. I'm taking out one of the clothing stores, for both a bookstore and a restaurant.... and upgrading as much as I can, with an elevator, and the info center... and I'm still only around 40-50 popularity when the time runs out.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Re:Level 13, help please?!?

[Post New]by MsCIn513 on Aug 3, 09 10:00 PM
Make sure you build a restaurant, one of every store and if you have additional space build more stores just dont build more than 2 of the same store. Upgrade all the stores as well. Its actually simple to do.

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