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Where did they go?

[Post New]by sqkylyndi on Aug 9, 15 11:26 PM
Is anyone else curious what happened to the super studly native American ? Oh, and his tribe too. They were abducted and the ship crashed but we never heard from them again, or when Diana and NIx basically halved all the ships. Did they get eaten, never to be spoken about again?

Was really hoping the bonus would clear that up for me but nope. Does anyone else hope that a sequel comes out clearing it up....or is it just me?

Also! Why has no one even mentioned the whole breaking of the 4th wall Nix did when he changed around the onscreen menu? That tripped me out! Hmmm, Nix.

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Re:Where did they go?

[Post New]by LadyLark on Dec 5, 15 6:54 AM
Yes, I did wonder about that. Especially since I kept trying to screen cap NA hunk for wallpaper and it never worked. I'm with you on the eye candy! I think there were other characters that got abducted, too, earlier in the game. Oh, well. Big plot hole, but still a most excellent game.

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