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Let me skip a mini game please.. show some mercy !

[Post New]by Celeryhart on Sep 2, 08 5:55 PM
Please, dear Azada makers, let me choose to bail out of a mini game before the last ounce of sanity escapes and renders me a vegetable... ! Punish me if you must.... send me to my bedroom without dinner.. take away my allowance....( ya right.. I"m 63 yrs old....lol... ) ... but please don't leave me in utter frustration by not being able to solve a puzzle. When I've had the biscuit .... please release me .. let me go.. !! Let me decide when I"ve had it.. !!
Heck not even just the mini puzzles........ I"m stuck already. I"m knocking on someones door... there is a bird bath.. I have bread, a knife and some bark and I might as well kiss the game goodbye cause I don't know what to do... Sigh... !!

For those of you who don't need the escape or skip button you don't need to use it... but for us that need it...... at least we can continue the game. Maybe a bit defeated.. but at least finish it. I hate using my hints and use them sparingly .... but I used one and it just went to the front door and didnt' help at all...... I can't get anywhere by knocking on the door.... he keeps saying nobody is there... etc.. ! Well, it's me you twit..... help me.. !! LOL

It would be nice to know and be shown where we went wrong.. so we can play it again and maybe not have the same trouble. Is that possible ?

This is my first post on the forum and I don't even know where to find help. I see others having trouble but I don't see many solutions..... What am I doing wrong..?
Grrrrr............... I love these hidden games but they are going to shorten my life span...... !!
As far as the first Azada game......I have it.. I never play it......to me " it sucks"... I don't care for the puzzles but love the hidden things and even solving small things in the game.. but those puzzles irk me..... I need an out.. !!
Guess we are all different eh..?


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Re:Let me skip a mini game please.. show some mercy !

[Post New]by scotcat on Sep 2, 08 6:04 PM
I will PM you Celeryhart!

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