how do you demolish in level 24

[Post New]by chrisyjul on Aug 4, 09 11:35 AM
can't figure out how to demolish shops in level 24. help

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Re:how do you demolish in level 24

[Post New]by sarina33 on Aug 4, 09 4:24 PM
Should be the same as any other level. Click on the little jack-hammer (immediately to the right of your worker count and popularity level) and then click on the store you want to demolish. Just make sure you have workers available.

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Re:how do you demolish in level 24

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Oct 5, 09 9:49 AM
That's the third level in the 5th section, the one where "the previous owners didn't know anything about creating a good store mix". The previous respondent thought you were asking about the mechanism, which I comment on below. But first:


I have only 1 tip on strategy here: It turns out you don't actually have to demolish all but one of each facade type, so long as you have the right number afterward. So as long as you have 3 Clothing Stores, they can be 2 pair and a singleton.

On the other hand, one-of-each is certainly the easiest way to keep track, and doing it that way on this level didn't cause me any problem placing anything later, as I remember.

If you need other strategic help, see my posts, "Maximizing Popularity (Contains 'Spoilers')" and "Maximizing Income (Contains 'Spoilers')".


One game mechanism gave me trouble for a while, and may confuse somebody else, too: If you leave your can't-demolish pointer hovering over the shop, waiting until it turns to a Demolish pointer as soon as you have enough workers--that's not how this game does it. You have to move the pointer away and put it back when the time comes. The little shops take only 1 worker each. The excess Computer Store takes 4 and the Bookstore only 2.

I haven't checked anything not on this level except for a misplaced Bowling Alley. That takes 6 workers to demolish, even though it needs only 5 to build!

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