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[Post New]by JellyBeanMomma on Aug 10, 15 6:06 PM
How do you get 10 desserts on the tray? Is it in one day or one order or what? I'm just not sure what to do.... HELP!!!!

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Re:dessert trophy

[Post New]by tuxedo0530 on Aug 13, 15 3:07 AM
You don't need to fit all 10 desserts on the tray at once. I did this on a level with the tray that held only 3 items. I just loaded the tray with 3 desserts, deleted them, and then added more desserts and deleted them until I loaded up 10 trays of desserts. Good luck!

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Re:dessert trophy

[Post New]by JellyBeanMomma on Aug 19, 15 4:57 AM
Thank you... that was helpful

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