Stuck at the wishing well

[Post New]by RNDirector on Aug 10, 15 6:18 PM
I arrived at the lake with the vanishing stones - followed them to the lantern tree/little round hut/wishing well - been back and forth a few times - did a bunch of stuff - map is telling me the only action is in that area and the hint button keeps indicating the well but there doesn't seem to be anything to do there. I have tried all of the things in my inventory (belt, knife, jar of fireflies, blade) and nothing happens. Thanks for any help.

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Re:Stuck at the wishing well

[Post New]by mitupogo on Sep 19, 15 8:50 AM
If I remember right, you need to get a container for the fireflies. I can't quite remember where that comes from, go near the areas and check the hint. Put fireflies in container and set that in the well.

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