High Scores

[Post New]by Little_Lulu on Aug 4, 09 2:05 PM
What's the secret to getting high scores?? Besides being a genius who can see things in a flash are there any suggestions about how to solve the puzzles quickly? I seem to get longer puzzles as the number of turns decreases and this makes it impossible to get a high score because you have to use some turns just to get something out there -- tried S, R, T, L, N and vowels first but these don't always show up.
Thanks in advance for your help -- would love to score higher than 225,000.


Re:High Scores

[Post New]by iPCiPod on Dec 3, 10 10:00 AM
It appears some players 'hack' the game obtaining scores over a million in just a few plays. Some phrases repeat too so some likely inventory words then solve. The game definitely gets harder the more times you play it legitimately.

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