Stiiiiiiiill Running. Even after game closes.....

[Post New]by aliciarose111 on Aug 4, 09 3:56 PM
So after 30 minutes of playing the trial version I shut the game down. It wasn't on my toolbar, it wasn't anywhere on my desktop. I went to try another new game and I got the message that another game was running and to shut it down before playing a new game. I pulled up my task manager and under running programs, nothing. However when I looked at processes, there were 2 create-a-mall processes running, which I manually closed. Once I closed these, the BFG player popped up and told me I had 22 minutes of play remaining.

Just letting people know, if they want to try this game, manually stop the game if you have not finished an hour trial, otherwise you will lose the rest of your trying time and not even realize it was running.
OH Edit! I'm running vista, I dont know if it's doing it on other windows. Just seen people mention their times gone and they've not played the whole hour.

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