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Welcome to Great Chocolate Chase forum

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Sep 2, 08 11:00 PM
Welcome to Great Chocolate Chase forum! This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Great Chocolate Chase players.

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Re:Welcome to Great Chocolate Chase forum

[Post New]by AztecDust on Sep 6, 08 6:49 PM
need hints on how to get through level 40

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Re:Welcome to Great Chocolate Chase forum

[Post New]by alkmini59 on Jan 9, 09 4:54 PM
I'm stuck on level 38. The only hints I've picked up are that you should wait to collect the money when all the customers are served. That gives you bonus points. Also, the conveyor belt is not used to serve the customers, it's to get rid of waste. On the bonus level with the conveyor belt, wait till you have served everyone and then place 3 items on the belt.

NOW, can anyone give me a hint? I've been stuck on level 38 for 2 weeks!! I need 2000 points and I'm just shy of 1700; it's impossible not to lose customers, some start getting annoyed as soon as they order!

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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re-use and recycle

[Post New]by Merab on Jan 26, 09 5:00 PM
How do I re-use an item if I make a mistake? Do I always have to throw it away? Or is there a way in which to save it and re-use it?


Stuck on level 30

[Post New]by Twilight2000 on Feb 14, 09 9:40 AM
I can get as close as 1400 points, but need 1500 (at least) to pass it - are there any special tips I'm just missing? I can't seem to keep from losing a couple of customers and they're all screaming mad by the time I serve them.

Oddly, Level 29 was no particular trouble at all...



[Post New]by Twilight2000 on Feb 14, 09 9:58 AM
chris1965 wrote:congrats on your advancement to level 40! I am having trouble with level 10 i just can't seem to pass it and have been working at it forever. but give me a dinner dash and i can wiz thru that...go figure

OK - I just replayed that level. I finished Level 10 by chaining - I'd wait for at least 4 (usually I could get 6) and give them all menus at once, serve them all before collecting money and collect all the money at once. The last round, I had to pick up money early (only 4 down) to allow for one more round of customers before time ran out.

(mind you, this trick doesn't work so well on level 30 - they seem to be less patient or something ;>

I also made cups of chocolate and put them on the display stand whenever I was between orders (my display stand has 2 spots) - that way I had raw materials ready to go when anyone ordered. The other trick is to make the complicated ones first - as they take more time and you can get the simple no topping ones out while the topping is filling.

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Re:Welcome to Great Chocolate Chase forum

[Post New]by QuietLurker on Feb 14, 09 10:11 AM
Hi. I am a long time lurker, and am glad to see others playing this game. When it was new, I absolutely loved it and played over and over.

I never got the conveyor belt to work at all.

You can put errors on the table to re-use, but it isn't worth trying because you won't get the same order again on the level.

On the difficult levels, you have to really understand the customers. And memorize which spot they will come in. Then pick up money in specific places based on who will fill the spot and how you will treat them.

Otherwise, it is usually best to pick up all or most of the money at once, to get the chain bonus.

Upgrade the table and try to keep a jug of each kind of chocolate available - on the table or just filled.

If you are really tyring to win, then don't upgrade the looks of the place beyond the basic floor and counter - buy the efficiency upgrades and the better money upgrades instead.

I had to spend weeks on the most difficult 2 or 3 levels, and did finish once or twice. But I liked the game so much that I continued to play just for fun - only until it got really hard, and then would stop. In those games I used the upgrades to make the places really pretty.

It has been quite awhile since I finally put it away, so I don't remember any more tips.

One thing I really liked is that unlike Diner Dash (where I can't get very far even with help) I was able to finish it with no forum help at all. I wasn't lurking very actively and didn't even see the thread. And then there was big re-play value, too.

Game on!


re-use and recycle

[Post New]by tjmorena on May 19, 09 3:25 PM
Merab wrote:How do I re-use an item if I make a mistake? Do I always have to throw it away? Or is there a way in which to save it and re-use it?

I have been playing this game for weeks now and just read somewhere that putting "mistakes" on the conveyor belt, when you get to those levels, is a great idea! It's supposed to give the customers a treat and hopefully calm them down a bit. I'm going to try that. I've just been throwing mistakes away.


stuck at level 10

[Post New]by pinkbutterfly3 on Jan 2, 12 11:29 AM
I just started this game.. so far i like it a lot but i have to say that i do like the other chocolatier games better. How do u calm the customers down? oh my gosh! haha those girls! anyways, i have tried 2 ways with buying my equipment but i cant seem to beat level 10 with the first round. I basically know what the first 3 customers want so i make them before i click on them.. i'm stuck any tips? thanks!


Re:Welcome to Great Chocolate Chase forum

[Post New]by dolfingrl360 on Feb 25, 13 2:53 AM
AztecDust wrote:need hints on how to get through level 40

same here. I was hoping there was a strategy guide for this game, but of course there isn't.
no matter how hard I try on this level, I cannot pass! the closest I got was 2252 or something.
I also thought I could try the previous level to get more cash to get more power ups for the one I'm trying now, but it doesn't seem to work that way, what a rip off.

PLEASE HELP ASAP!! it's driving me nuts!

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