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I have been on the 16th day for a week .The other days didn't seem as bad. I have all the extras I could get to this point (Harp(2), cauldron,phoenix(2))



[Post New]by Empyre on Aug 5, 09 8:49 AM

Here is some advice I posted on another thread:

"Stack up the tasks (ie: click which actions you want Lilly to make) in advance; don't wait for her to follow through. However, this means it is imperative to ensure that you click exactly the correct areas of the screen, which is quite tricky because each "action" is allocated a rather small space of the screen. The game will make a sound if you are trying to carry too many items at once, signalling that you have missed a stage in executing your order.

Also, make it a priority to pick the money off the counter ASAP as this will increase your customers / orders."

Hope this helps.

As you have acquired all of the extras you can afford at the moment, it may be worth starting the game again to try and earn some extra money. As you will now be more experienced, it should be easier to get higher scores on each level. If you are worried that doing this will lose you the place you are at the moment, just create a "new player" under a different name -- that way your original score will be saved, and you will be able to return to it if you want to.



[Post New]by oreocooks on Aug 5, 09 9:09 PM
How do you stack up the tasks? I understand Lily can only carry 2 things at one time.

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[Post New]by Sparkytoo on Nov 6, 09 3:45 AM
Hi, Oreo!
To stack up tasks, when you have had Lilly collect her two items, click on the cauldron or the person the items from the shelves are to go to, to empty her hands, and just click on the next tasks you want her to perform. I hope this helps!

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