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[Post New]by mclark on Aug 11, 15 4:59 PM
I'm stuck on level 59. Any help out there?

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Re:laruaville 3

[Post New]by FRHgames on Aug 11, 15 9:25 PM
Level 59:
1) At the bottom, under left half coin there is a Blue Cell. Move left coin half so that it doesn't disturbing you to make a combo on the Blue Cell.
2) Activate the Blue Cell, it will unlock left cannon. Move coin halves so that they wouldn't bother you or move Right Half to the left and join them up. Shot the Left Cannon twice, one shot will take a coin and the other one will unfreeze Power Up.
3) Double Click to activate this Power - Up ( a star ) and it will unlock the Left Cannon.
4) It will shot and pick a coin. Then, collect dirty coins at the bottom. That's it!

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