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Rat Flu Cheese at lake

[Post New]by NANA5LOVE on Aug 13, 15 11:45 AM
How the heck do you get over to the lake to get the cheese. I have no dynamite to blow up anything and the bridges do not reach over to the lake . HELP

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Re:Rat Flu Cheese at lake

[Post New]by 1luvgaming on Aug 24, 15 5:38 AM
Hi Nana, if i remember correctly in rat flu, I think I zoomed in around area north east. There is 1 cheese & dynamite guarded by 2 bandits. Prepare to purchase the rest.

I hope i am not confusing this map with other quest but i remember you will need a total of 2 dynamite just to blow the rock in opening where you will take cheese & 1 to blow tree down located across from path to drop off cheese where rats will come & sit on top of cheese. The tree will block the path so rats won't escape to town.

The bridges will reach across but you may have to build 2. scan area you are standing in to find exits to other cheese, look for flat areas for bridges, edges of land must be smooth, i did it but forgot all details. (old woman here)

I pick up bridge and move camera while holding it, when you are over a place you can build, the bridge will change from reddish yellow to brown.

Sure hope this helps, maybe someone else with more details will assist also. I love this game.

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Re:Rat Flu Cheese at lake

[Post New]by DerekJeterFan1 on Sep 22, 15 5:23 PM
If you need dynamite you will have to build a General Store and purchase it. On the eastern side of the map you will find a passageway blocked by a log. You will have to chop the log up before you can get through. There is another way to get through although I don't remember that one yet. Once you get through the log, you will want to go roughly north, north east and you will get to a river. Build a bridge across the river (You may have to turn it) and go across. There will be two bandits guarding a piece of cheese there. After you defeat them, go to the next river which is to the north and build a bridge there too. You will have to blow up some rocks there too to get the cheese wheels. I'm sometimes very confusing so hopefully this helps!

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