[Post New]by bikinigirl on Aug 14, 15 7:37 PM
I am a beginner at this game so I am still in Sydney level 90. I am trying to get new resources but once in a while the number of my bricks and mortarboards go down and I don't know why because I am not using them, just trying to increase them so I can get to the next level. What makes the number of my resources mysteriously decrease?

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[Post New]by Pixiecloud on Aug 14, 15 8:28 PM
If you use the wheel for extra moves, sometimes you will get an extra life, or 5 free moves, but most of the time you will have to pay for extra moves with about 10% of your resources. If you didn't spin the wheel and still lose your precious resources, contact tech/customer support and explain when and at what level you lose them.



[Post New]by bikinigirl on Aug 15, 15 3:09 PM
Thanks. I will contact them because I am quite frustrated.



[Post New]by bikinigirl on Aug 17, 15 5:57 PM
Thanks. I had not realized that not all the 5 moves rewards were not created equal. I know better now!

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