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How to charge the "Heart"?

[Post New]by xstitcher1 on Aug 15, 15 2:45 PM
I love this game, but I keep stumbling along, so it must be my brain is having a "senior moment". This heart is being a pain in my ****. This question is related to my other question but no one answered it, so I went and made another player so I could start over and see if I could answer my own question. Didn't really help much, but now I'm having a different problem. How do you get more "magic energy to charge the heart? Please help a fellow "fishie" out. Thanks

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Re:How to charge the "Heart"?

[Post New]by Kathilisa on Sep 5, 15 1:02 PM
You should see some funny floating rune-like symbols. If you click on all the matching pairs, it will recharge the heart!
Hope this helps

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