Tumblebugs 2--last level

[Post New]by CookieMomster4 on Aug 7, 09 7:47 PM
I've been playing for a while now, and have arrived at the Level 8 of 12 in the expert area, and I just can't seem to beat it for anything. (I barely beat this level in the beginner category, but expert has me stumped.) Are there any tips or tricks, or anything I should know about how to get it going for all four lines at once? Thanks!


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[Post New]by CarolCyr on Oct 8, 09 10:02 AM
I can't seem to get out of Level 9 in Tumblebugs 2. Anybody have any ideas. I can get up through level 4 and then no further.....usually when I arrive at 4, I have only one life to live!!


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[Post New]by pachinkodog on Mar 31, 10 2:48 PM
I thought I never would get past 8 on expert level, but finally did. Now ican't past # 4 on 9. Help!!


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[Post New]by hypnomoon on Mar 31, 10 5:26 PM
Looks like there is no definitive answer. Just perseverance.
Good Luck!


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[Post New]by littlepip on Apr 11, 10 2:32 PM
I just downloaded this game through big fish. I started with the free trial (as my computer is very old, and i wanted to make sure it didn't lock up or move too slow). I got to about the middle of level 5 before my hour trial expired. Since it seemed to be working fine I purchased the game. After I paid for it, I clicked to start the new game (from the site where I purchased it), and it came up with some "mode or level unlocked" thing....that seemed to be my only way to continue in rescue mode. I didn't read the instructions closely, but it said something about having to complete all levels in an hour or something like that.

Now it seems to have restarted me at level 1, with this hour clock going, and just keeps going from level to level. It has all the power ups that were unlocked over time through the levels, and it seems to be a little harder than before at the lower levels (it didn't give me the option to play normal or expert either).

I don't understand....what happened to the game i trialed? I bought the actual software for my mother for xmas....and her version doesn't have this horrible twist to the game. How do I get back to just playing the game i started earlier?

Please help.


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[Post New]by marykat8 on Jul 18, 10 3:25 AM
Just like Tumblebugs 1 says in its quotes...when all else fails, get the instructions outta the trash!


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[Post New]by Aussie41 on May 16, 11 5:16 PM
To littlepip.

The best way for you is to contact Big Fish Customer Support. They are very helpful and very quick in replying to a problem. They will send you a link to Dr.Felix, and this specific software will help you to get out of this mess.

As to other players, I got stuck at the level 12, the very last one, in Expert mode. I simply can not finish it. I still trying. Wichever level you got stuck you mast keep trying.

Good luck

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Re:Tumblebugs 2--last level

[Post New]by Keirma on Nov 2, 12 3:18 PM
I've gotten to 12-8 several times, once with 5 lives and I STILL can't beat it. I came very close one time with 82% completion before bugs stopped rolling out. Too frustrating. I hate not being able to finish a game.


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[Post New]by jdh1211 on May 24, 13 9:38 PM
Before Level a frustrating higher level, return to a lower level and stock up lives.
Initially took me 15 lives to get safely through expert levels, but now it only takes about six.

If you don't get out of a level, return to menu, exit and begin again at level of your choice open . Lives from previous game are saved until you complete level 12.
New game begins with no saved lives.

Ending screen a bit disappointingly, and anticlimatic -considering the fields completed. Could be jazzed up. Ending screen stays up toooo long.

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