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Re:Midnight News-Call to Arms-Surviving Chaos

[Post New]by eastendteddy on Nov 16, 17 12:31 PM
As I stare at the velvet pouch I look to Imp and Penny ,I see Imp is fighting to keep it in
and Penny holding tight to her hand but one tear does escape down Imp's sullen face.
Each one of us loved Apollo (Robyn) and Shadow in our own way and are in deep mourning over the still not believed lose we are now suffering even all our critters mourn in there own way ... Smoke joins Penny and Imp and lays his huge head on Imp's shoulder and whimpers she falls to the ground and hugs him so tight and I watch her body shake but can not see her tears nor hear her cry.
My heart breaks for I feel so useless to see Imp who I love as my own Child deal with this horrific pain.
I choke back my own tears and go to her.
I softly touch both Smoke and Imp's head and whisper to Imp come my child we need to do something before we leave.
Penny lowers her eyes and steps back knowing we need this time together alone, I nod a silent thank you
Penny joins Rose and the group and I nod go to Camp we will be there shortly ,holding Imp close to my chest and my hand still on Smokes head I guide them to the top of the stone steps in The Pond Of Life right by the Lamp ever glowing.
I tell Imp here my child take this Lilly and plant it here I will plant the Wolfbain , that way you can come with me every day to tend them and divide them as I will build an arch way for Wolfbain to climb and The Lilly's (Robyn's dearly loved favorite plant)
will grow under the Arc .
Robyn loved this place she and I would sneak of here to talk or just listen to the water it was a special place and now more so , she looked at me with questions in her eyes... until we can go to her as the priest said in a fort night we can come here
and tend her Lilly's and be close to her .
I hand Imp the baby Lilly and say you pick her new bed I will plant the Wolfbain close.
Imp picks a perfect spot and digs a new bed with her hands and gently place the plant in the bed and covers her as I do the same after dividing the Wolfbain I place them on both sides close but far enough that they will grow and climb.
I say they need water now and I remove one boot and go to the pond and fill it and bring it back to water our new in honor of Apollo's plants.
We both say a silent prayer then I hold Imp as we head back to Camp to join the others...........................

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Re:Midnight News-Call to Arms-Surviving Chaos

[Post New]by gohill on Nov 20, 17 8:00 PM
I'm so emotionally drained so that when Smoke lays his head on my shoulders, I fall to the ground... I dig my fingers into his deep fur and try to bury my sorrow into his neck.... My body trembles as I grapple with our loss and what that might mean for our future.... I struggle to my feet as the MG helps me up and informs me we have a task to complete before we can leave.....

I give a lopsided smile and raise my hand slightly in a halfhearted attempt at a wave as I watch our group shimmer back to camp.... A heavy sigh escapes my lips as I turn my attention back to the MG..... I gingerly take the baby Lily and find a nice soft spot where I can dig a hole for the plant.... I wipe my hands on my buckskins as the MG fills the boot with water from the Pond of Life.... I suspect this water will help the plants grow stronger and faster than normal water....

Smoke quietly watches us perform our tasks... saying nothing but I "feel" his appreciation for our efforts.... When we are finished, Smoke chokes out a thank you to us both and the three of us shimmer back to camp....

The exhaustion immediately hits me upon our arrival... I probably should eat something, but I have a graveyard stomach and can only think of sleep.... I beg my leave from the others and start to walk back to Penny's place.... Smoke, fearing I won't make it, grabs my shirt with his teeth and transports us directly to my room... I hear my pillow calling my name and literally fall into bed without even taking off my boots.... Smoke helps push my legs completely on the bed and then, in an uncharacteristic move, climbs into bed beside me, laying perpendicular to me... I throw my arm around his neck and fall fast asleep.... I dream of an Elf with her bow and arrows.. hunting deer, a Dire Wolf helping to track the scent.... In my dreams, she is forever strong and agile.. I see her smile as her arrow hits it's mark, the Wolf barking encouragement and bounding toward the fallen deer... They are happy and I am at peace....

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