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The trick to Level 23

[Post New]by NetRook on Aug 16, 15 5:31 PM
All discussions are locked so I am starting a new thread. I came late to this game, am sure others will also.

Have been trying to get Gold on this level for many hours. Duh. Building homes is NOT the initial priority - i just assumed it was due to the focus on other levels. So here is the trick:

Spend time getting the towers built up. When they are at level 2 or 3, restore one of the burned out homes... At level 3 you can build the other burned out home.

Once all towers are up to highest level, game will give you new task of adding people (residents or whatever) That is when
1. Focus on building homes
2. the game will send you plenty of 'bad guys' to kick outwhile you are building homes --- all well before the gold time period ends.

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