Level 27?

[Post New]by nonnini on Aug 8, 09 7:32 PM
The one that you have to build three places to level three, 5 glasses of water, and 10 diving gear... I want to know if the people that created this game did it in 5:30minutes???!!! I've played it like a hundred times (not exagerating)... once I did 5:30 but it turned into master???!!! that's cheating, I'm getting very upset with this game and that's not what you buy games for (there's real life for that), going to keep trying this coming week and if I don't get it I'll trash it.
By the way, I did try everything, hiring the help from the beginning, opening only one stand: the sandwishes one when there were a lot of kids and the little fat guys, or the drinks when the buffed guys... advertise the diving stuff... nothing works.


Re:Level 27?

[Post New]by bkr900 on Oct 2, 09 7:49 AM

You're talking about level 23. See comments there.

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