Collection room?

[Post New]by cmjohns on Aug 9, 09 2:49 PM
What's the purpose of the Collection Room? Are the items collected used at all?


Re:Collection room?

[Post New]by TopazMystique on May 21, 11 8:36 PM
I do not have an answer to that but I have another question about the collection room... I played through the whole game and when I checked the collection room, it was only 64% full. So... how do you get the collection room 100% full? Do you have to play the entire game again?

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Re:Collection room?

[Post New]by Akenta on May 2, 12 2:57 PM
I'm curious if anyone has got the collection room to 100%. I've played the game over and over, and am at 99%. Still trying for 100% and wondering if it's possible. The first game it was possible to eventually get all the items, but this one is so random and there's probably one super rare piece to find.

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