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An Important Announcement Regarding My Singing Monsters - August 18, 2015

[Post New]by bfgMurrumbidgee on Aug 18, 15 9:18 AM
Hi there,

I wanted to stop by with an update about the future of our version of My Singing Monsters.

We greatly appreciate your support for this game. Tremendous effort, heart, and creativity has been poured into My Singing Monsters The dedicated players (you!) and everyone at Big Blue Bubble and Big Fish have worked together to make the game the best it can be.

Research has been done on both sides to see what can be done to bring our version up to par with the mobile versions of the game. The challenge we found was the difference in technology available on mobile devices and PCs.

The features and technology used in the mobile version of the game are not able to be supported or used by the systems currently enjoying the PC version of the game.

With this in mind there are no current plans for updating the version of My Singing Monsters on our site. This may change down the line as technology advances and systems change, but for the foreseeable future our version will remain at version 1.2.9

We thank you for your commitment to the game and your understanding.

Please feel free to PM the moderators with any questions.


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