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[Post New]by LYRANSTARGATE12 on Aug 18, 15 11:35 AM
Greetings Everyone,

Here are a couple of helpful tips that may assist you, with certain aspects of the game:

1.) Task: On certain levels, the game requires you to go to the University and train a worker to purchase some item or upgrade.
Tip: After you collect the required resources, and have put at least one worker in the University, you click the item/upgrade. Depending on how many workers you have sent to the University, determines how long it will take for the item/upgrade to take effect. In other words, if you select just one worker for the University, and then click on the item/upgrade, it will take up to 10 minutes or so, for the goal to be completed. It is not instantaneous, So you shouldn't expect the banner to come across the screen which says the goal is completed, just because you met the resource requirements, and clicked the button to access/purchase the item/upgrade. The more workers you send to the University to 'work on' the item/upgrade, the faster the goal will be achieved.

2.) Task: I found that the safest way to save the game was in increments. It may have been my own misunderstanding on how the game needs to be saved, etc., but after losing all of my progress a few times, I found a way that saves my progress, each time.
Tip: After I achieve a goal or two, I save the game using my name each time. It doesn't seem to matter what you type in. I then exit the game, and then go back in. The game will ask you: "Do you want to load the old save game?" Click yes. This has saved my progress each time. The only thing you may have to end up doing each time, is reassign your workers, to each building. But, at least your progress is not erased.

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