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Wanted to play but. . .

[Post New]by Robsim on Aug 18, 15 6:03 PM
. . .after downloading the demo, my anti-virus program (Webroot) kicked in with a warning of malware. I immediately deleted the game and did a scan on my 'puter.

When I saw the game (yesterday), I thought, "Oooh, something different!", and wanted to give it a try, buuuut. . . .(again, as stated above). Oh well, I'm glad [some] others got to enjoy it!

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Re:Wanted to play but. . .

[Post New]by GameLvr30 on Aug 18, 15 6:43 PM
There is nothing unsafe about this game. There are times when a virus protection software can give a false positive. It just means its being overly protective on the very slight chance there could be an issue.

It's totally your choice whether you want to download, keep, or even play the game but, speaking from someone who has downloaded and played it to the end, you have nothing to fear.

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