Re:Problem running Tumblebugs

[Post New]by samspade111 on Jun 7, 10 9:52 AM
had the same trouble , found direct draw acellerator was shut off
i went to
type dxdiag enter,
find display tab,
enable direct draw about half way down the page
good luck hope this works for you, mine now it works perfect


Re:Problem running Tumblebugs

[Post New]by littlejoyfull on Oct 6, 11 9:32 PM
I bought tumblebug ( I think) says I did but I can not get in it to play. I joined the

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I cant play it. I'm so fustrated.

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Re:Problem running Tumblebugs

[Post New]by ark161 on Jan 25, 12 5:36 PM
hi cindy i just wanted to say no problems for me and happy gaming with

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